Runaways is a VVIP character set featured in CrossFire.


Unlike the other VVIP characters, this character is composed of two female characters in Black List and Special form and a male character on the Global Risk form, similar to Hermes but in reverse way (Hermes' male character is in BL side). They have the usual Furious Kick, Throwing Knives and a different set of voice. Its perks are pretty much the same as Nymphs for AI Modes, albeit without the Bless skill.


  • CF China: Hitomi
  • CF North America: Ronin


In progress.

  • Shockwave Sword: Ability to use a special sword in AI Modes by pressing the E key. When charged, press RMB to throw a fireball vertically which can explode 5 times and burn the enemies.
  • Charged Shockwave Sword: Executes a powerful Shockwave Sword attack in AI Modes by pressing the E key when fully charged.
  • Furious Kick: Only for BL and GR character (press E)
  • Throwing Daggers: Throwable knives (Press 2); cannot be used in Ghost Mode (BL), Ghost Vs. Mutants, and Knife Matches.
  • Increased Mileage Points received.
  • Special Character: Available in Zombie Modes. Retains all bonus perks.
  • 200% EXP points bonus for the owner.
  • 30% EXP bonus for everybody in the same room.
  • 20% GP bonus for everybody in the same room.



  • Instead of obtaining this character in the VVIP System, now it's obtainable from CF China's Web Event both temporarily (7 days) and permanently along with AK47-Knife Steel Empire.
  • Same with Nymphs' special character, she is also smaller than PvP counterpart so she isn't used in Mutation Mode and variants; therefore, BL and GR one are used instead, but the Furious Kick is disabled. All worn character items such as Flash Guard, Smoke Helmet,... won't show up in the third-person view.
    • Also in Runaways' special character, her outfit and appearance is similar to a battle maid seen in anime and video games. She uses Chinese voice sound, while the BL and GR one use English instead.
  • This VVIP character uses the new Throwing Knife with new drawing animation skipping getting the knife from the right arm.
  • This is the first and current VVIP character to feature a male character on it.
  • The GR side in the promotion artwork and the loading screen show his bare arms with his sleeves rolled up; however, it's fully covered like any male character on GR side ingame, probably because Tencent is too lazy to create a new arm model or doesn't want to use the BL one like N-22 in CF Vietnam.