S.T.A.R. is a female character featured in Crossfire.


S.T.A.R (Special Task And Rescue) is an elite division of the Malaysian Coast Guard. Their principle goal is to carry out government naval tasks such as the recovery and rescue of documents, counter-terrorism, and the exploration of lost and sunken government ships.


The Global Risk model wears a black dress and high heels with nothing covering her legs, while the Black List model wears a brown one with boots that go high up almost to her skirt.

In CF Korea, S.T.A.R has their own Korean voice like Delta.


  • In Z8 CF, S.T.A.R has the BL avatar icon, while other versions feature GR avatar icon.
  • S.T.A.R is one of the few characters that cannot be bought permanently in CF China. Instead, players can only "rent" her for 30 days.
  • S.T.A.R is also known as SOV (Secret Officer Valkyrie) in CF Indonesian and CF Philippines, and ROSE in CF Vietnam.
  • In CF Indo, this character used to be a very popular character instead of GSG9 who both came as the second & first character that can be bought permanently via crates (Mystery Shop / Capsule in CF Indo), even after SPOP-X came as the third character who can be bought permanently via crates too. Later, Lyto upgrades SPOP-X, making she has her own special ability, which slowly make this character seldom to be used.
  • In CF BR, STAR is available only in the pré-sale of M4A1-S Transformer and M4A1-S Born Beast.


S.T.A.R's Korean voices can be used on any non-Korean characters by replacing them with the default "Woman" voices. Here are the files extracted from CF Korea: Korean voice

This link includes both Korean voice for 707 (male) and STAR (female), plus their Ghost voices (In Ghost Mode / Shadow Mode and MM/HM/HMX/MKM)