S.T.A.R Camo is a female character in CrossFire.


This is an upgraded version of the STAR character, features a camouflage uniform and new hair color. She is one of the few non AI-Ticket characters to have special abilities, namely immune to self/teammate grenades and reduced damage taken in Zombie Mode.

S.T.A.R Camo can be obtained temporary or permanently by opening a Silver box at the end of Defense Mode match (Broken Station). She is considered the "best" prize in Silver tier, and thus extensive farming is needed in order to get her permanently.


This character is released along with Broken Station content.

  • CF China
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF North America
  • CF Russia
  • CF Europe
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Korea
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Espanol


  • The BL Avatar has the icon of SOV while the GR Avatar has an icon of ROSE.
  • S.T.A.R Camo is the first camouflage re-skinned character. She's also the first female camouflage re-skinned character.
  • CFVN Special Event: An event called "Black Friday" (only in 24/11/2017) allow you to get this character for just 525 points. (approx. 105 Vcoin).


CrossFire China 200:39

CrossFire China 2.0 SOV-Camo ☆

Chinese CrossFire S.T.A.R Camo (SOV 204:21

Chinese CrossFire S.T.A.R Camo (SOV 2.0) Review !

CrossFire Vietnam 2.0- Rose 200:48

CrossFire Vietnam 2.0- Rose 2.0 - Female Character ☆

CrossFire Vietnam 200:40

CrossFire Vietnam 2.0 Rose-Camo Female Character✔-0

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