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SPOP-X is a female character first available in CrossFire Philippines. She is the upgraded version of SPOP with the ability to see better in smoke, thus making her only available in the Black Market.

Later on, SPOP-X was made available in CF Russia, CF EU, CF VN and CF China as a normal character with no special ability. CF Indonesia released it as normal character, then upgraded it as a special abilty character.

SPOP-X was released to CF NA for 30 days, as a pre-sale of the Infernal Dragon Thompson. She is a skilled character with has the ability to see better in smoke.


  • Even though it is a different character from SPOP, it shares the same HUD in some versions including CF PH, where it was first released.
  • In CF BR , CF VN and CF China , they gave SPOP-X its very own HUD, they even recolored the character's gloves in third-person similar as the gloves in first-person.
  • The SPOP-X's new HUD(gloves) has been updated in CF Philippines' June 7, 2016 patch.


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