SR-2M Veresk is a submachine gun that featured in CrossFire.


SR-2M Veresk was a development of a new submachine gun chambered for the 9×21mm cartridge. It is developed by TsNIITochMash and launched in mid-1990s on the order of the FSB. The SR-2M itself was a modified version of SR-2 that has a forward pistol grip under the handguard, with a protrusion to protect the shooter's hand from muzzle blast and accidents.

This weapon has a good reputation because of its stable recoil, good damage, high rate of fire, and high accuracy. The reloading speed is also fast, so player able has more time to do continuous firing.


  • CF Philippines : This gun costs 32,000 GP permanent. It is restricted to Staff Sergeant 1st class or above.
  • CF Vietnam : Available in Item shop, costing 16 vcoin / 3 days
  • CF China : This gun costs 2800CF points/month.
  • CF North America : Can be rented with ZP.
  • CF Russia
  • CF Europe : Can be obtained by exchanging 100 coupons on the Capsule Shop.
  • CF Indonesia : Can be obtained for 30 days by exchanging 100 coupons.
  • CF Brazil : Can be obtained for 90 days by exchanging Daily Mission dog tags.



  • Like the Kriss Super V and MP7A1, this weapon has an unusable red dot scope.
  • In real life SR-2M is a variant of SR-2. "M" means a Modified version of SR-2. It has a front grip, red dot scope and foldable stock.

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