SWAT-Moscow is a female character featured in CrossFire.


Judging from her name, she's probably from the SWAT division based on Moscow, Russia.

SWAT Moscow's GR wears a slightly revealing blue winter outfit, exposing her shoulders and chest. She also wears a thigh high boots plus a pistol holder on her right leg.

SWAT Moscow's BL also wears a winter outfit but a brown one. She has a goggles hanging from her neck and a small bag on her back. Different from GR, she wears winter boots and also a pistol holder on her left leg.


  • CF China: +20% EXP.
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines


  • Before being released in CF VN, this character was offered in a package of purchasing Bladed Knuckles-Infernal Dragon via VTC landing site for 14 days, along with a 30-day M4A1-XS-Ancient Dragon.
  • Also in CF VN, similar to Flying Fox and SRAF, this character is being bundled with Ixions in same crate even though both character doesn't have anything related to each other.
  • In CF PH, this character is one of the new Return User Reward, replacing the FOX Undercover.



CrossFire China 2

CrossFire China 2.0 - SWAT-Moscow ☆