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Salvador is a Search & Destroy map that is sets at the Historic Center of Salvador de Bahia (Pelourinho) during the annual Brazilian Carnival. The map features a samba themed music track that plays on a speaker near the A-Site.


  • CF Brazil: Salvador
  • CF China: Samba Town
  • CF North America: Salvador
  • CF Europe: Pelourinho
  • CF Español: Salvador
  • CF Japan: Pelourinho
  • CF Vietnam: Salvador
  • CF Philippines: Pelourinho


  • A long time ago in Counter Strike 1.6 a group of Brazilians created a map called cs_rio which makes a lot of success in Brazil. This map have a rap music  in a specific point (hostages place), this may have inspired Salvador to have music in a house next to A bomb site.
  • There's a "Museu do Futebol" (Football Museum) in the middle of the map, but in real life the Football Museum is located in São Paulo instead of Salvador.
    • Even having no connection with Pelé, many Brazilians players refer the room with a Brazil football shirt as "Camisa do Pelé" (Pelé Shirt).


Salvador Artwork
Preview SalvadorTact


☆CrossFire BR - RAGE em SALVADOR (Quebrei meu mouse) - Gameplay 13✔10:23

☆CrossFire BR - RAGE em SALVADOR (Quebrei meu mouse) - Gameplay 13✔

Cross Fire Brazil -- Salvador (Search & Destroy) -New Map-!00:33

Cross Fire Brazil -- Salvador (Search & Destroy) -New Map-!

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