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Shadow Mode is a round based mode expanding on the original Ghost Mode (just like it was done with Mutation Mode in the past) by introducing some new stealth mechanics and gameplay gimmicks. The mode is available in CF China, CF Japan, CF EU, CF North America, CF Brazil, CF Indonesia, CF Philippines, CF SEA and CF Vietnam.
  • Shadow Mode (Most versions)


This mode is actually multiple modes in one, all using the same general mechanics, but differs with various main objectives, which are all select-able by the host of the room. Those various objectives / sub-modes includes:

  • Elimination: Basic eight vs eight action where both factions try to annihilate each others.
  • Infection: An interesting, fast-paced game type where every killed players will switch to the other team.
  • Classic: When playing in ghost maps, bombs must be planted still, however with this mode's mechanics.


Both teams have specific features to take into consideration, which highly affect the overall gameplay. It seems that the developers managed to fix most of what players would consider problems in ghost mode; highly encouraging the stealth side to rush (camping will be useless) and discouraging soldiers to spray too much with their weapons:

Soldier weapons now have a sound meter; when using automatic or fast firing semi-automatic weapons, the meter increase (decrease over time if not shooting). If it completely fills up, the weapon turns into a tracker which reveal their owner's position, forcing them to either abandon it or else the enemy team will be able to track them down.

Shadows (read more) use enhanced stealth equipment which allow them to be invisible when running but slightly visible when stationary, which is just enough for soldiers to eliminate them on sight, so camping is discouraged. This is basically the total opposite of how the original ghost stealth equipments works and is actually more efficient.


This mode has its own set of exclusive maps with various gimmick tied to it, but some Ghost Mode maps are also available:

  • Lost Castle: An abandoned castle and laboratory with various security devices.
  • Cooling Chamber: Enclosed chamber with various floor, each providing its own security device.
  • Ghost Base: As its name suggest, the base camp where Shadow Warriors reside.
  • Laboratory: Classic Ghost Mode map sets within an underground laboratory.
  • NightFall: Large Ghost Mode map sets on the rooftops of various buildings.


Icon Name Function
Stabilizing Device Stabilizing Device Reduce the shadow's gauge's drain rate for longer uses.
Breath Reduce Breath Reduce Reduce breathes sounds when playing on Shadow's side.
Footstep Reduce Footstep Reduce Reduce footsteps sounds when playing on Shadow's side.
Lighter Lighter Emit a lighter opening sound, primary use is unknown.
Whistle Whistle Shadow may whistle for help using this item.
Breath Increase Breath Increase Increase Shadow's breathes sound when playing as Global Risk.
Footstep Increase Footstep Increase Increase Shadow's footsteps sound when playing as Global Risk.
Weapon Device Weapon Device Affects the soldiers gauge bar, increases the gauge's drain.
Sounds Device Sounds Device A sound equalizer which allows user to control weapons and environmental sounds volume. Available for both teams.


  • Their origin and motives of the Shadows are still unknown, for these unknown soldiers fight both Black Lists and Global Risks. What the soldiers only know is that these soldiers are much dangerous than the Ghosts, for they cannot be seen easily and there's no trace of their paths.


Chinese CrossFire - New Shadow Mode Trailer !01:29

Chinese CrossFire - New Shadow Mode Trailer !

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