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TechCard Shield
Shield is a Class card in Wave Mode. It's available freely to all players in CF China, Europe, Philippines, North America, South America, Russia and Indonesia. In Vietnam however, it can only be obtained via WM's reward system.


Shield class plays a large role in the front line, blocking enemy's attack and cover their teammates in closed quarter combat. His shield gives him advantage in small and indoor areas, while it can also be used as a landmine to trap upcoming soldiers.

Default Skill

The character has his shield at the back only when he doesn't have his active skill on. This protects him from attacks from behind.

Active Skill

When level 5 is reached, pressing F will let the character bring out his riot shield to cover his front view. The shield can block all direct shots, allowing him to get closer to enemy players. He can use the shield as melee weapon (secondary) or plant the shield to the ground and let it explodes, damaging all players in front of the shield (primary). After planting the shield, the player becomes invisible for 2 seconds, useful to get around opponents and surprise them from behind or retreat.

Shield class is best used against Panther when competing for supply boxes, because the shield when wielded can protect him against oncoming mortar bombs. If a shield player sit in a corner and have his shield facing up, he is pretty much invincible as his hitbox is reduced to almost nothing (The only way to damage him is using explosive or Medic's Grenade.

Skill Upgrades

This section is incomplete:
Cooldown Time Reduced. - 2% 3% 4% 5% - 12% - - 20%
Explosion Damage Increased. - 3% 5% 7% 8% - 21% - - 35%
Shield Bash Damage Increased. - 3% 5% 7% 8% - 21% - - 35%
Stealth Moving Speed Increased. - 5% 7% 10% 12% - 30% - - 50%


  • Before the JHP SMGs update in CF Vietnam, this is one of two banned classes in Crossfire, the first one is Shock, because they cause dropping FPS to the opponent at the time when Wave Mode update in this server.