Originating as a secret U.S. military project, "Titan" is a bio-weapon that utilizes nanotechnology to alter a subject's biological makeup, creating a cybernetic organism with increased combat performance.

Slugs are the default mutant of CrossFire (Canadian and US version only) They have an appreance of a green hulk. They get speed as their special ability which is obtained after getting two mutations or absorbtions in Mutation Mode or 5 kills/absorbtions in Hero Mode, which costs 500 HP to use.


The Slug's skills is similar to the Dread but Slugs are more tanky since they get less knock-back than the Dread, their [G Skill] gives them a temporary Adrenaline Boost which increases their movement speed and jump height over time.


  • Except CF NA, all other CF version features Slug as buyable mutants in Item Shop, and Dread is the default Mutant instead.
  • In CF Vietnam, Slug is called "Kẻ hủy diệt", which translates to "Terminator". Ironically, this name is also used for Xeno, and it's not translated to not confuse Xeno's name with Slug's.
  • Slug was intended to have a red skin, as has been said in CFVN Fanpage.


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