Sniper Only mode, from the word itself, is a kind of mode where snipers and melee weapons are only allowed. Primary, secondary and thrown weapons are prohibited in this kind of mode.


This mode is mostly used by the players (especially in 1 vs. 1 match). Some maps are made to be fit into this mode. Some of the normal maps (except for AI Maps) can be configured in the settings where the players can set the game into "Sniper Only" mode. Aside from sniper rifles, melee weapons are also allowed. They are obviously needed for weapon switch (where the bolt pull is ignored, that would take a slight longer to target again) and somehow used for stealth kills.



  • This mode is particularly based on the real-life assassins (except for those who bring extra equipment in their mission), where they would only hunt and kill their assigned target in a specific place, and the melee weapon, of course, is used in stealth kills (like throat slitting and backstabs).
  • Combat/silent assassination (killing a target using a melee weapon when the enemy saw the player or when the player is unaware) is hard to be done in-game. That's why it is very awkward or very shameful when a player (in sniping position/stance) was killed another player with their melee weapon because killing a player with a melee weapon is somehow hard to do or rarely been done by the players.
  • Players in CF Vietnam particularly despise melee users in this mode, thus they easily vote/kick anyone who score, even after just ONE, melee kill. This also happens in CF Indonesia as well since using melee weapons in sniper only matches there is considered unprofessional.

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