The Sterling is a British submachine gun, manufactured during the World War II.


It features a horizontal stick magazine, capable of holding 34 rounds with 68 in reserve. It deals an average amount of damage and relatively good accuracy - it has the smallest spray pattern when shooting in crouch position, hence it is slightly more powerful than the PP-19 Bizon but less than the M12s.

This gun has a high rate of fire and a short reloading time, making it useful in close combat or against multiple opponents. As this weapon is a SMG, it is advised that one should not fire at any target over 100 meters, as the spread of the bullets make it close to impossible to land a hit on the target. Overall, this is a powerful gun at close to medium ranges with it's high rate of fire, quick reload, and unique design. It is excellent for clearing multiple enemies camping in a corner, but at a target at long range, it's best that you stick to a weapon designated for that kind of job.


  • CF China: Available in Item Shop
  • CF Europe: Available through the Capsule Shop.
  • CF Vietnam:  Removed from the BM. Later, this gun can be obtained for 3 or 7 days via rank promotion prizes, or permanently via Casino Royal webmall for 3361 points
  • CF Philippines: Available via Black Market (The most expensive cash lotto per spin) although there is a Barrett M82A1 making it the second most rare weapon in CF PH after the Tantal Wz.88. (Can now be obtained through the Attendance System for 7 days)
  • CF Indonesia: Available through the Mystery Shop.
  • CF North America: Previously available through the Black Market.
  • CF Southeast Asia: Available in Item Shop.
  • CF Brazil: Black Market, Attendance System (7 Days)


Magma ST


  • The model of this SMG used in CrossFire is a Sterling L2A3.


Sterling render

CrossFire - Sterling - Weapon Gameplay05:55

CrossFire - Sterling - Weapon Gameplay

Sterling Gameplay

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