Steyr Elite is a bolt-action Sniper Rifle featured in Crossfire.


This gun features almost the same like the M700, for its damage and weight. But this gun slightly has higher accuracy than M700. Almost similiar like R93 T2, this gun has very fast reloading and very fast bolt cycling. Steyr Elite also features a standard 10 rounds magazine with 20 in reverse and double scope phase. However, it does not have full firepower like most other bolt-action sniper rifle, meaning it cannot score 1-hit kill except for Headshots.


  • High damage
  • Highly accurate at any range while moving (when scoping)
  • High ammo capacity for a sniper rifle (10)
  • Very short bolt cycling time
  • Short drawing time
  • Short reload time
  • Very light for a sniper rifle
  • Dual scope phase
  • Easy-to-control recoil.
  • Cheap and available on Item Shop (only for CN version)


  • Low damage compared to other sniper rifle (except M700).
  • Low damage in Mutation Mode/Hero Mode/Hero Mode X
  • Low damage in Wave Mode
  • Low damage in Challenge Mode/Zombie Mode
  • Obtaintable only through GP crates(In VN, EU, ID, BR and NA versions)


  • In CF Vietnam, Steyr Elite crates is the first one to not feature Coupon, instead there are Soccer Grenade (1d & 3d) and Bronze Bandana (1d) taking its place. This crate also features temp Steyr Elite (1d, 3d, 7d & 30d) along a permanent one, making it quite hard to win.
  • In CF Philippines, Steyr Elite is available through getting Coupon.
  • Also in CFVN, this gun features 30 rounds in reverse.



CrossFire Steyr Elite Gameplay HD ll 10DarkGamer02:27

CrossFire Steyr Elite Gameplay HD ll 10DarkGamer

CrossFire China Steyr Elite ☆04:08

CrossFire China Steyr Elite ☆

Cross Fire China -- Steyr Elite -Review-!02:19

Cross Fire China -- Steyr Elite -Review-!

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