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Submachine gun (or SMG) is an automatic carbine designed to fire pistol cartridges. Submachine guns primarily used by police forces and some military special forces because of their small size, light profile, and pistol caliber bullets that are less likely to overpenetrate objects and cause unintentional injuries to innocent bystanders.


Submachine guns are classified as primary weapons in CrossFire. They generally have a high firing rate, moderate accuracy, low to medium damage, light weight, and medium or high ammo capacity. They are chambered in different pistol calibers, and vary in size and shape.

SMGs are common weapons for new soldiers, because most of the submachine guns are usually cheap and have low rank requirements, or even no rank requirements at all. Experienced players often use them for run-and-gun tactics.


SMGs are powerful when used in close range due to their high rate-of-fire. However they tend to lose their accuracy and power with distance. Some submachine guns also have poor accuracy, and combined with their high firing rate, their long range accuracy is almost non-existent.

Submachine guns are primarily used for rushing enemy forces, where they can best utilize their light weight and rapid fire rate to quickly get near opponents and shower them with lead at close quarters.

SMGs are generally at a disadvantage when facing assault rifles and sniper rifles at long range, but expert usage from professional players can negate this.

Certain SMGs utilize JHP ammo, which tag enemies and slow down their running speed upon successful hits. It makes them very dangerous in close to medium distance, giving their opponents almost zero chance to run away.

List of submachine guns


  • Machine Pistols (Uzi, TMP, etc) and Personal Defense Weapons (Kinetics CPW, P90, MP7, etc) should also be classified as SMGs. However, there are non-SMGs which are categorized as SMGs and vice-versa by CrossFire.
    • Micro GALIL is actually an Assault Rifle which is categorized as an SMG.
    • K1A is technically an Assault Rifle which is categorized as an SMG.
    • XM177 is actually an Assault Rifle which is categorized as an SMG.
    • SR-3M is actually an Assault Rifle which is categorized as an SMG.
    • Ingram MAC-10 is actually an SMG which is categorized as a Handgun.
    • AR-57 is actually an SMG which is categorized as an Assault Rifle.
  • JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point) bullets expand into a mushroom shape upon hitting a target. This creates a larger wound cavity and expends all of the bullet's energy inside the target. People shot with JHP rounds are more seriously wounded than when shot with FMJ rounds, and this is translated in CrossFire as a slowdown effect.

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