Super Host
Super Host are items that let players have more control on their created rooms. There are three versions of this item available in the Item Shop: 50% EXP, 50% GP or both.


  • CF Español
  • Not available elsewhere


The main features of these items, beside the EXP/GP boosts, are as follows: Rooms created by Super Hosts are available on top of the room list in the lobby. They can also set a ping limit; ranging from 50, 100 and 200. Whatever options that super hosts choose can be seen on the Super Host icons in the lobby.

Additionally, the server list now features a ping status, in order to check which server(s) would be best suited for each players. Green indicator obviously being the best one (which is anything below 75 ping), depending on where the players/servers are located.


CrossFire Español - Super Host Guide02:36

CrossFire Español - Super Host Guide

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