Switcher Special-Noble Gold is a character variant of Switcher character featured in CrossFire.


Similar to The Fates Special-Camo, this character uses the model form of Switcher Special. This Noble Gold variant has more gold texture on BL side and silver blue on GR side. This character has no VVIP perks, including Furious Kick and Shadow Daggers.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Brazil


  • CF Vietnam's description for Switcher Special-Noble Gold states that she was a normal Switcher until she is excluded from a brainwashing program. Despite this, she still lives as a mercenary.
    • This means all Switchers are brainwashed before they serve the government as a special assassin.
    • This could be the reason why they don't have Shadow Daggers and the Furious Kick skills since they have been brainwashed.
    • Also in CF Vietnam, beside from event, she can also be obtained from a special capsule.
  • In CF Brazil, she can only be obtained through event.
  • Even though this character doesn't have Throwing Knives, the knife launcher is still on her character model in the third-person view and even got "noble-painted", unlike The Fates Special-Camo.



CrossFire Character The Switcher-Noble Gold ☆

CrossFire Character The Switcher-Noble Gold ☆