TRG-21 Red Bandage is a sniper rifle variant of TRG-21 that featured in CrossFire.


The TRG-21 Red Bandage featured a red bandage is coiled around the weapon which gives the weapon higher stability therefore, it gives better control when using it. This weapon is fed with .300 Winchester Magnum and a modified magazine which able to hold 15 rounds per magazine. There is no statistical differences with the original weapon, except the drawing time is faster than the original one.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Korea
  • CF Europe


  • In CFVN, from 1/9/2017 to 30/9, every player that login at least 21 days will get this gun permanently.



Cross Fire China TRG-21 Red Bandage Review !02:58

Cross Fire China TRG-21 Red Bandage Review !

CrossFire Vietnam TRG-21-Red Bandage ☆03:37

CrossFire Vietnam TRG-21-Red Bandage ☆

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