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The Mine is a map in CrossFire. It is only available in Search and Destroy Mode.


Black List have found a secret mine on the outskirts of a town in Russia. The mine was shut down forever due to complications by the government. The Mine is known to have the richest of minerals, including top gold, diamond, and platinum rocks. Black List are attempting to obtain as much rich minerals. With these minerals, they attempt to expand Black List to the biggest terrorist organization in the world. Global Risk soldiers have been sent out to eliminate the Black List Soldiers who's mission is to obtain the rare minerals for Black List Expansion.

Global Risk Base

Global Risk has the bomb site advantage here, starting directly beside bomb site B and with A Site very close by. The room is on the upper level, and the bombsite is on the bottom level. There are a couple of windows in front of the starting base which can be used for sniping.

Black List Base

Black List start far from the bombsites, which gives them the disadvantage on this map. They can choose two pathways which can lead them to either A site or B site. On the way, there are other routes which they can take.


  • There are many good sniping spots for GR. Some good ones are: The platform up the ladder in A site (or under it), the upper floor of the GR base, the B Long house.
  • Make sure you don't fall down the well in the middle area, as it's a suicide.
  • A hotspot for early encounters is the B-Split, under the Bell Tower. Avoid that area if you're feeling unconfident.
  • Nades, flashbangs and smokes can be thrown into A site over the boxes from A-Long.
  • There are many ways to enter B site. Use that to your advantage and overwhelm your enemies.


  • In CF VN story, the Black List hidden research robot N-22 factory in here.
  • There is a water well in the middle of the map in which you can jump down and suicide yourself. This is the only map which has this. Unfortunately in CF PH and CF VN, the well is closed by wooden planks, preventing people from suiciding.


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