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Thompson Gold
Thompson Gold

Golden Thompson




Auto-Ordnance Comp.


United States of America

Obtained by

Black Market

Acquision via
Cash Points
  • 10 vcoin/crate (VN)
  • 279 pts/10 crates (VN, Webmall)
Magazine Size
  • 70/140 (Other versions)
  • 80/160 (VN)
Fire Mode



.45 ACP


Thompson Gold is a golden submachine gun variant of the M1928A1 Thompson. It features gold texture and increased ammo capability (+10 in CF Japan, CF EU, CF Philippines and +20 CF Vietnam). It is the best gun for hunting in Mutation/Hero Mode/HMX because of light weight, fast firing rates, very high ammo capability and slightly faster reloading time than the normal Thompson (But still slower than Thompson Infernal Dragon).

In all CF version, this gun can only be obtained via Black Market. CF Vietnam also sells crates for this gun on Royal Casino web mall at discounted price.

Availability Edit

  • CF Europe
  • CF Japan
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines
  • CF China
  • CF Brazil


  • CF Vietnam is the only version to feature Thompson Gold with 80 rounds mag, making it more effective in long combat than Thompson Infernal Dragon. Players who own both guns often prefer the Thompson Gold instead, and just equip Thompson ID to use its ammo boost for the Thompson Gold.
  • Thompson Gold is the only Black Market Thompson that features classic design. Starting from Thompson Hellfire, there is a newer design for all variants featuring smaller barrel and rounder drum magazine.
  • When this gun is first obtained in CF Vietnam, a glitch occurs that caused it to feature no damage bar in players' inventory despite still having Repair button. This glitch will be fixed once players logged out and logged in again.

Media Edit

Thompson gold rd
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CrossFire VN - Golden Thompson07:43

CrossFire VN - Golden Thompson

CrossFire - Thompson Gold - Weapon Gameplay03:46

CrossFire - Thompson Gold - Weapon Gameplay

Thompson Gold gameplay

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