Thompson Hellfire is the submachine gun variant of the M1928A1 Thompson.


It features the same partial red-yellow "hellfire" texture on the Jackhammer Hellfire, but the drum magazine was also painted and it looks more rounded (compared to the "edged drum" one in the original and Golden variant).

This gun features a 70 rounds magazine (+10) with 140 in reverse and a good choice for SMG players who's looking for a piece to match set with Mauser Hellfire.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Philippines
  • CF North America
  • CF Japan
  • CF Europe
  • CF Brazil


  • In CF VN, this gun has a slower ROF and lower accuracy, making it inferior to the Golden variant.



CrossFire Thompson Hellfire Gameplay ll 10DarkGamer02:26

CrossFire Thompson Hellfire Gameplay ll 10DarkGamer

CrossFire - Thompson Hellfire - Weapon Gameplay05:15

CrossFire - Thompson Hellfire - Weapon Gameplay

Thompson Hellfire gameplay

CrossFire Thompson HellFire Overview AznBankaii01:30

CrossFire Thompson HellFire Overview AznBankaii

Cross Fire China -- Thompson-HellFire -Review-!03:28

Cross Fire China -- Thompson-HellFire -Review-!

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