• What are your 5 favorite weapons you have? ( Not including its variants, just the weapon itself )

    Mine are :

    1.M14 EBR 

    Even if i dont have any non - temporary M14 EBR, this is a gun i just really enjoy due to its high damage, good accuracy and lol recoil, i always pick up these from the ground when i see an, and mostly always use it when i get a temporary M14 EBR when i get an.

    2. AK47

    The recoil is quite hard to control, but it hasa really nice rate of fire and really high damage, very few shots are needed to kill an player with it, great option once you learn to control its recoil.

    3. M4A1 

    Good accuracy, medium damage, OK rate of fire, low recoil, an weapon that i trust on most situations, howhever, id rather use an AK47 on most maps as its bether on medium and close range, but M4A1 is great too, and great for long range battles,

    4. DSR - 1

    A great sniper, i preffer it over the AWM due to it dealing more damage ( less chance of not killing with 1 hit ), the only drawback is the low ammo, but other than that, its great and bether than most snipers ( for me, at least ).

    5. Scar Light

    Like an M4A1, But with more accuracy and less recoil. The only bad thing i see at it is low damage. I quite like it.

    What about you? What are the weapons you use / like most?

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    • 1 - M14EBR; 2 - EELL Diamond Pidgeon; 3 - AK47; 4 - M4A1-Prism Beast 5 - 9A-91. The majority.... OP. That's why I like those xD

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    • 1. G3A3 2. M14EBR 3. Steyr TMP 4. 687 EDP 5. L86 LSW

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    • 1. AK47 (with old model)
      2. M14EBR
      3. Scar-L (short model)
      4. TRG-21
      5. Desert Eagle

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    • 1. Steyr TMP

      2. Scar Light

      3. AWM

      4. Mauser M1896

      5. Desert Eagle

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    • 1. Barrett M82A1

      full wallbang + anti-mutant sniper rifle. although it's nerfed in PH, it still deals more damage in HMX mode. Not using this in PvP mode because of those damn looters

      2. Steyr TMP

      the so-called "jejegun" in our server. my counter weapon against VIP users XD

      3. Ash-12.7

      Although it's semi-auto, i can still manage to pull a few kill streaks. Quite disappointed with its ammo capacity though.

      4. G3A3

      Very easy to use, for me. Powerful but has high recoil. Usually, i only fire 3-4 rounds (sometimes 1-2 rounds in the head) from mid to long range for easy kill. I also tried to full-auto this weapon but only in close quarters :v 

      5. FN M249 Minimi

      I only have the temp variant obtainable in gift boxes. ALWAYS using it in Mutation Mode & variants. Very accurate when pinpointing shots or when i'm picking off mutants in the distance.

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    • 1. SPAS-12 Ghetto.

      It has slug shells and camoflouge bandages on it. 

      2. Steyr TMP-Ghetto.

      Same with SPAS but with Dual-wield mode instead of slug shells.

      3. Colt Anaconda.

      Cool animation, sold by GP, easy to headshot.

      4. AK-47 Beast.

      Beast-design, has its own animation, less recoil, faster than other AK-47s.

      5. IAS-Gemini

      Longer range attack, high damage dealing and has nice skin than other IAS variants.

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    • In no particular order

      1. M16/M16A4 - simply the best way to humiliate the enemy. while it is not as good as the meta guns, it is still a beast if you know how to use it properly

      2. M14EBR - AK47 x M4A1. Go figure

      3. Falcon - While it only has 2 ammo, that's more than enough for you to scare enemies. besides, if you're missing too much with a sniper, then maybe it's not for you

      4. SR3M - Rifle x SMG in a package, Only drawback is that you'll often run out of ammo

      5. RSH - Just 1 shot to the torso and the enemy will die, Trust me I've been called a "Superkill" hacker using this mighty weapon

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    • My favorite weapons are:

      1 Jatimatic - fast reloading speed

      2 KSP58D - best for spraying multiple enemies

      3 DSR-1 - quickscope

      4 PMR-30 - same with no. 2

      5 Grenade - booom

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    • GUYS.. Eyes in my post... MY TOP 5 WEAPONS in CrossFire 

      I spend 2,800 Php (Philippine Peso) in the following weapons seriously in Capsule Shop:

      1. 9A91 Jade -- Fast Draw/Reload speed, handy compact rifle and good for Rush combat.

      2. Ak12 Russia -- Mikhail Kalashnikov is the most respected Russian personality I dedicated this weapon to him so I use it in all game modes. RIP to the Gunsmith Legend!

      3. M4a1 XS Jade -- Ideal for PVP S&D Mode. I use this gun to counterpart my 9a91 Jade.

      4. AA-12 Buster -- This is my favorite shotgun and I use this in all game modes! With my GSG9 Black character it reminds me of Terry Crews in Expendables movie series :D

      5. M200 Cheytac Graffiti -- Streetlike paintjob Sniper Rifle for all ages! nuff said!

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    • 1.SRM1216 (Any variants)

      -Mostly this is one of my fav weapon in game cuz i can rampage easily on that gun and i used it in any ZA maps specialy in Shipyard and when the expires come i play any ZAs to obtain it again and use it in any modes.


      -This one is mostly i used in FFAs and this is good for easy 1kill shot and sometimes they called me cheater because i can rampage a 7kills in a row and i liked the wallbang effects on that gun

      3.Maschinengewehr 13

      -i used this one most in FFAs rooms and this is the op one and sometimes they cried because i can kill them with 3shots in long range.

      4.H&K PSG-1

      -This one also is my favorite fun time gun in sniper match and i used this for trolling in FFAs cuz i can score a 3kill in a row with this gun

      5.FN M249 Minimi (any variant)

      -This is also my favorite fun time gun in FFAs rooms next to PSG-1 and also second choice in ZAs.

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    • 1.AK47-Balance - The old model available in CFBR, named now as AK47 - CFS 2016, I love the old model AK and this one is my "beast" weapon in ranked match for now, always hitting the enemy so damn easy

      2.AA-12 - Won with only 30 crates, I was looking for a better shotgun because M1216 is temporary and the AA-12 is one of my favorite weapons in real life, people judge me because this weapon have a giant aim, but I just pew-pew and do combos

      3.Bushmaster ACR - Available in our Item Shop for ZP, probably I'm the only crazy that still buying this weapon, it's a very uncommon rifle and some people don't know how get it or use it

      4.AS50 - My current "Want it now" from Black Market, nobody spin this crate but I love this weapon since my suggestion in 2012 on CFBR forum, unfortunately comes together with Laser Dagger, and... I have 3 Laser Daggers already

      4,1.WA2000 - Need to fit this, very identical to AS50, except in damage and no recoil (I use to forget (or remember) my sadness of 3 Daggers and 0 AS50)

      5.Barrett M82A1-Legend Dragon - Best Barrett skin for me, unfortunately only in events and I never had a chance to have it

      5.1M4A1-S Red Dragon - Only got it 1 time in CFBR, now it's a weapon for Game Masters that should be used on events or black market, same for Barrett Legend

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    • 1.AK47-Iron Beast 2.AN94-Space Ship 3.AWM-ID 4.Kriss Super V-Ares 5.RPK-ID

      so far, still no permanent KSV in cfcn, waiting for a zodiac one :(

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    • 1. AK-47

      2. M200 Cheytac

      3. AWM ID

      4. DE-S

      5. Mauser M1896 H

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    • 1. MG36 - easy head shot and usefull scope almost king of head shot

      2.Barrett IS- laser pointer is a big advantaged. mostly ace in ffa or tdm 

      3.m14 ebr yulitde - always ace in FFA and TDM if join at the start of the game

      4.ak 47 BB - more kill in knife than and firing shot in fffa and tdm.

      5.KTR-08 - easy head shot and easy to aim enemy even long distance. good in any situation.

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    • 1. AK-47 -> Doesn't get boring unlike the M4A1. Plus, it's a iconic rifle.

      2. M4A1 -> Can be boring to use sometimes but the go-to option whenever you are to feel a 'competition'

      3. AWM -> That nostalgic feeling when you get 2+ kills. 

      4. DEagle -> 'Solid' damage. And the R.O.F allows you to double tap this thing

      5. Barrett -> one word: Overkill

      Note: Either the AK-47/M4A1 is in use in my Bag set-up and the other one is in the Storage.

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    • 1. M4A1-S-Transformers: The first and still the best-looking M4A1-VIP in my opinion, this rifle has almost no drawbacks other than its price. Even though other M4A1-VIPs have more perks, I still prefer this one because of its futuristic look and nostalgia. 

      2. DE-Scope-Imperial Dragon: An improved DE-Scope, nuff said. I mean, it's deadly, classy AND sparky, what else could I possibly ask for?

      3. M240B-Tesla: Even though this anti-zombie gun is heavily outclassed by its successors, it's still a very deadly MG in its own right. A badass and high-powered beast capable of PWNing anything on its way, I've never desired a MG the way I desired the M240B-Tesla.

      4. AA-12-Buster: The shotgun that single-handedly conquered almost every PvE map in CF. One of the most OPed gun in existance, and I love it for that sole fact.

      5. Knight-SR25-Burning Shot: This one is everything Knight-SR25-Ares was and even more. Not only does it come with a dot-sight scope instead of backup sight (which makes it extremely dangerous in both CQB and long-range battle), it also has a grenade laucher in PvE mode and various other cool stuffs. A perfect sniper rifle.

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