Garrison in EU

Tombstone is an Elimination map for CrossFire. All players start with their melee weapon and can only get weapons by picking them up from the ground.

Other Names

  • Tombstone (NA)
  • Dry World (CN, ID)
  • Desert Clash (PH)
  • Garrison (EU)
  • East (RU)
  • Death Town (VN)

Weapons in this map


  • This map was one of the most popular elimination map aside from Cross Road.
    • In CFPH, players often use this map for 1v1 match and clan match.
  • In CF Russia on BL side, there is only M4A1, AK47 and AWM. On GR side, you can find XM8, SG552 and Steyr AUG. 


  • updating...

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