Trade Key
Trade System is a new section in the game that introduces loot boxes and a marketplace as well. As users play the game, they may receive a loot box at the end of a match. These boxes require keys to open them and get their content otherwise users may can sell the boxes and/or its exclusive items on the marketplace.


Trade Cash
In progress!


  • CF China
  • CF Russia

Exclusive Items

Loot Boxes
Alternate Skins VVIP Dolls Visual Effects Mileage Point
Trade BoxAlt Trade BoxDolls Trade BoxVFX Trade BoxMP

VVIP Dolls: Decorative dolls that can be applied to various M4A1-S VVIPs!
Fox Howl Doll Chinese Doll --- ---
Trade FoxDoll Trade Doll ItemIcon Blank ItemIcon Blank

Alternate Skins: Change a specific character's hair and/or clothes colours!
Fox Howl --- --- ---
Trade FoxAlt ItemIcon Blank ItemIcon Blank ItemIcon Blank

Visual Effects: Replace the colour of VVIP's various visual effects (eyes, lights, etc).
Green Effects --- --- ---
Trade GreenVFX ItemIcon Blank ItemIcon Blank ItemIcon Blank