Trade Key
Trade System is a new section in the game that introduces loot boxes and a marketplace as well. As users play the game, they may receive a loot box at the end of a match. These boxes require keys to open them and get their content otherwise users may can sell the boxes and/or its exclusive items on the marketplace.


Trade Cash
In progress!


  • CF China
  • CF Russia
  • CF Indonesia

Exclusive Items

Loot Boxes
Alternate Skins VVIP Dolls Visual Effects Mileage Point
Trade BoxAlt Trade BoxDolls Trade BoxVFX Trade BoxMP
Exclusive Weapons
ItemIcon Blank

VVIP Dolls: Decorative dolls that can be applied to any VVIP primary weapons!
Fox Howl Doll Chinese Doll Datura Doll Mystery Boy Doll
Trade FoxDoll Trade Doll ItemIcon Blank ItemIcon Blank
Titan Doll Switcher Doll Chaos Doll Arch Doll
ItemIcon Blank ItemIcon Blank ItemIcon Blank ItemIcon Blank
S.I.A Doll Teddy Doll Teddy Rabbit Doll Chinese Gold Doll
ItemIcon Blank Trade Teddy Doll Trade Teddy Bunny Trade Chinese Doll Blonde

Alternate Skins: Change a specific character's hair, clothes colours or VVIP weapon skins!
Fox Howl --- --- ---
Trade FoxAlt ItemIcon Blank ItemIcon Blank ItemIcon Blank

Visual Effects: Replace the colour of VVIP's various visual effects (eyes, lights, etc).
Green Effect Purple Effect Blue Effect Red Effect
Trade GreenVFX Trade PurpleVFX Trade BlueVFX Trade RedVFX

Note: Red and Blue Effect cannot be applied on VIPs with the same effect color, I.E. Red Effect on Born Beast.

Exclusive Weapons These weapons can only be obtain through the Trade System!
Cat Rifle Cat Rifle MOS AK-47 Trumpet Kriss Super V-JHP-Silver
CatRifle M4A1 M4A1 Cat Rifle MOS AK-47 Trumpet BAG KrissSuperV-JHP-Silver
Kukri-Beast Silver --- --- ---
Kukri Beast Silver ItemIcon Blank ItemIcon Blank ItemIcon Blank

Custom Killmarks These killmarks can only be obtained through the Trade System!
Halloween Candy Halloween Death Christmas Killmark ---
HalloweenKillMarks HalloweenKillMarks2 XmasKillMarks ItemIcon Blank