Transport Ship is a map available in CrossFire. It can only be played in Team Deathmatch mode. This map can also be played in Melee Only, Pistol Only, Sniper Only, Headshot Only, or Shotgun Only.

It has been upgraded to Transport Ship 2.0 with the CrossFire 2.0 Update, but players are still able to freely choose this map in the map pool.


  • Available in all Crossfire versions.


The UNDPKO, a UN watchdog agency, detected a large suspicious Transport Ship inbound from Russia, Eastern Europe to Nigeria, Africa during their surveillance on the world's illegal weapon exports.

Currently, Nigeria is the only petroleum-producing country in the African Contingent. Recently, they had a conflict towards the Niger Delta Liberation Campaign MEND which the intel said the rebels have active Black List mercenaries to assist them.

Due to this, UNDPKO requested an assist from Global Risk to execute a sudden investigation on the ship. But once the Global Risk team arrived on the ship, they were attacked by the Black List mercenaries there.



Eliminate all enemies!
Transport Ship Minimap

Transport Ship Minimap

NOTE: Two shafts run across the maps, providing an alternate way to reach the other side, as well as a high sniping spot.


  • This map has very close design with Port from Counter-Strike Online.