T.Ship 2.0
Transport Ship 2.0 is an enhanced version of Transport Ship. It is available in the following modes: Team DeathMatch, Captain Mode, Bot Team DeathMatch, Big Head Mode and also Weapon Master TDM.


  • CF CN: New Transport Ship.
  • CF VN: Cargo Ship 2.0
  • CF BR: Ship 2.0
  • CF PH: Ship 2.0
  • CF RU: Cargo Ship 2.0
  • CF WE: New Ship.
  • CF JP: Ultima Transport Ship.
  • CF ID: Ship 2.0
  • CF KR: Ultima Transport Ship.
  • CF ES: Vessel 2.0


In both Captain Mode and Bot Team DeathMatch, the tunnel and vantage point areas are completely sealed off. In the case of Captain Mode, it force both players to face off in the center and avoid stalemate situations due to the short time limit. In the case of Bots, it's clearly for balance and AI path-finding reasons.

Additionally, on the easier difficulties of Bot Team DeathMatch, players players will spawn on the left side near the only available door. Meanwhile, on harder difficulties, they will spawn on the right side, which takes a little longer to exit the spawn area. Thus forcing players to attack bots without spawn protection.


CrossFire 2.0 TRANSPORT SHIP (New Design 2

CrossFire 2.0 TRANSPORT SHIP (New Design 2.0) Map Review & Comparison

Map Preview and Graphic Comparison

CrossFire 2

CrossFire 2.0 Meet Transport Ship!-1

CrossFire 2

CrossFire 2.0 - Visiting Transport Ship!

Map Preview