Tuscany is a weapon pickup Elimination map sets within a plaza in the region. This map was in CrossFire Korea before the servers shutdown; it wasn't added back or onto any other versions since.


A symmetrical map with various weapons to choose from. Both teams can either head left, right or rush the center area. Both spawns also have ladders for a sniper spot, but it is highly exposed.

It is a rather small territory with narrow alleys, while the center is relatively large. Weapons are scattered at the spawn areas with few grenades on both alleys on each side. Here's the list of available weapons to pick up:


  • This map doesn't seems to have any origin from another game, so it is safe to assume that this map, along with Secret Ruins, could be added in any versions at any given time.
  • There was a poll on April (2014) on the relaunched CrossFire Korea website asking players which maps they would want to see added back; Tuscany was an option. However, there were bigger demands for several other maps instead; with The Mine being the most popular (16.7% of the votes).


CrossFire Korea - Tuscany Elimination08:33

CrossFire Korea - Tuscany Elimination

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