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The Howa Type 89 is an assault rifle used by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Forces.


The Type 89 has medium recoil and its accuracy gives it a very tight shot grouping when firing in bursts or single shots. Its damage and RoF is above average, making it particularly balanced in medium and long range. It also ignores the damage penalty of penetrating soft cover like wood, one of the few ARs capable of doing so.

Its downsides, however, is that its one of the heaviest assault rifles in the game and has a longer reload time compared to other rifles, making it ineffective for assault-oriented players due to it's inherent slowness.

Overall, the Type 89 is best used by players who prefer fighting enemies from a distance. The full wall-bang and generally balanced combat performance makes it a decent weapon for players who prefer to gun down their enemies from a distance.


  • CF Korea
  • CF China
  • CF North America
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Europe
  • CF Vietnam


  • At medium ranges, it is recommended to burst fire, as spray will knock the weapon around, missing the target.
  • At long ranges, burst fire, but burst less often then at medium range, due to precision being needed for long range kills.
  • Spray or burst at short ranges. If the enemy has low health, burst is most likely the best option to go with.
  • The Type 89 is one of the few weapons in-game that can perform full wall-bangs. Its best used for flushing out targets who think they're safe behind soft cover, like wooden crates.
  • Not suited for aggressive players due to the slow reload time, heavy weight, and average RoF.


  • The firing sound of the North-America , Europe CF, CF Vietnam and CF Brazil version is actually based on the sound from the silenced Black Market weapon Type89 Custom from Japanese version. Experienced players sometimes use this skill while playing Ghost Mode, since it sounds like the silenced MP5-Adv. It should be noticed that the range of the firing sound is still noticeable over 30 meters.



CrossFire - Type 89 - Weapon Gameplay09:12

CrossFire - Type 89 - Weapon Gameplay

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