The Heckler & Koch USP (Universelle Selbstladepistole) is a pistol that is featured in CrossFire.


The USP deals moderate damage with moderate accuracy. It also has a respectable reloading time and ammo count. With a fast trigger finger, players can shoot the USP very fast. It has a higher stopping power than the M9 and has the same damage as the P228. But it's unable to do an one-hit headshot outside point blank distance. The USP is best used at close range because of its weak damage in medium to long range.


  • CF China: Default secondary weapon
  • CF North America: Obtain by connecting the CF account on the player's Facebook account.
  • CF Philippines: :Coupon Exchange
  • CF Europe
  • CF Vietnam: : cost 14000 GP to own permanently
  • CF Korea
  • CF Indonesia: Available only in Zombie Mode.
  • CF Brazil: : Obtain by connecting the CF account on the player's Facebook account.


  • In some CF versions, this gun is called USP45 because in Counter-Strike, the USP holds 12 rounds of .45 ACP. This is wrong, since the USP in Crossfire holds 12 rounds of 9x19mm Parabellum ammo. It can be seen on it's slide when reloading.
  • This gun shares the same animations and draw sound effects with the P228, Colt 1911 and Beretta M9
  • CF Indonesia is the only server where the original variant of the USP can't be used outside of Zombie Mode maps where players are required to use guns from the spawning crates. Players can only rent the Camo variant of this gun via Item Shop.
  • In CF Philippines, the USP's power stats say that it has the same damage as the Beretta M9, which is incorrect as the USP has actually the same damage as the P228. 



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