USP Camo is a camouflaged variant of the USP.


The USP Camo has a woodland camouflage paintjob similar to the P228 Camo. It has a 16 round magazine (+4) or 14 round magazine (+2), with 48 or 42 rounds in reserve, making it much more useful in the long run. This gun has a very fast firing speed like the normal variant and also has higher accuracy, but still deals relatively low damage (similar to the P228).

Like the standard USP, the Camo variant should be used at close range only, because its damage rapidly decreases at medium to long range.


  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Europe
  • CF North America (Limited time only)
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF China
  • CF Brazil


  • The barrel of this gun is also painted with camouflage paint.


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