Z8Games just released the announcement for March's update. The new features are:

New Clan Page: 

The Clan Page has returned to CFBR and now redesigned to follow the CF2.0 (the old page was deactivated with the arrival of CF2.0).

In this new page the Clans are now classified with Ranks (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond).

Now you can redesign your Clan page by your own way, there are a lot of filters to add, images and etc. 

The Clans now have a gallery, with videos and images from the team.

The active players in Clan War now can have access to the Clan Store (all things in this store has a 30% discount) in the Clan Page! This store features a lot of black market crates, VVIPs, items and actually Black Market weapons directly (M200 CheyTac and BC AXE-Gold).


Alpha (Subject Alpha) is coming to CFBR and features portuguese voices and interactions.

New Weapons:

Victorious Legendary Crate (ZP): M4A1-S-Jewelry - N.Gold  and D.E.-Born Beast - Noble Gold

Camper Crate (GP): AR-50A1 and SR-99  

Dragon Blade (Pre-Sale w/ Subject Alpha )

Ranked Match Season 6 Upcoming Weapons: 

M4A1-S-DMZ - Vares (Rank Match Red)

AK-47-K-DMZ - Vares (Rank Match Red)

AWM-Variable Scope - Vares (Rank Match Red)

Dual Karambit - Rank (Rank Match Red)

MK2 Grenade - Purple  

Platinum Blue WS

New Maps: 

Haras  (Stable)

Liberty (China Town)

And that's all! Sorry for my bad english <3

Z8 Connection - March 2018 - 1st Update
Conexão Z8 - Março 2018 - 1ª Atualização

Conexão Z8 - Março 2018 - 1ª Atualização