Here we go, we're going crazy again! It is time for news regarding the next content update for CrossFire China, which is scheduled for December 7th! You can check all of the information and original screenshots on this thread Let's take a look at the crazy content and other miscellaneous stuff:

  • Some sort of TDM variant, which also includes every weapons restriction options. The main idea is that for every kill you make, your head's size increases; you get more points, but you are easier to kill presumably. If you wish to learn more about it, you can always try and make sense of their description using Google Translate!
  • It likely uses every TDM maps, but otherwise the confirmed maps so far are: Mexico TD, Fortress & Toy Castle.
  • As mentioned in this blog's comment, one of the screenshot shows a new female character, which happens to be the third VVIP character. Also noted in the comments: this character is supposedly able to take selfies and also able to transform into a random mutant every 20 seconds in Mutation Modes, crazy stuff!

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