Hey everyone! Today I'd like to introduce you all to a new Black Market (Capsule Shop, Lotto, etc) recently added in CF North America. It is fairly similar, but it does bring some cool features that I think everybody will like. This will be a quick summary from the new edits done on the Black Market article; for better exposure on the subject. So, let's dive into it!

First off, you can search weapon names to filter corresponding crates! Next, the spinning animation was changed to a machine reminiscent of a revolver cylinder. You can setup the position of the crate before spinning it with the "Space-bar" key. And of course, you can still control the force of the spin or use the auto-spin like before.

Now, here's a neat feature, every items you win (both permanent and temporary items), will now be moved to a new storage tab in the Black Market. From there, you can decide to either move any items to your personal storage or dismantle some of them into coupons (excluding GP/Free Ticket crates). No more fear of duplicates!

A "lucky gauge" was added, which fills up every time you don't win the best items in a crate. Once full, your next cash crate spin will have increased chance to get the best items. If you still don't win anything, you will receive a free crate ticket, which you can use to get any available cash crate you want!

Finally, the coupons section was modified as well. The coupons cap was increased to 150 (since you can turn item into coupons and crate coupons are still available as well). Also, it is now a full list of items instead of being restricted to three per row (no more duplicates either); which gives much more options per coupons milestones!

So, that's about it. I really didn't expect we would be experimenting a new Black Market of all things. There are still some more updates coming for various versions though, so I wouldn't be surprised if this hit any other versions soon (if they didn't get their monthly content update yet that is), :P So yeah, what are your thoughts on this? Comment below!


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