That time again, new previews arrived today! The next content update for CrossFire China will arrive on May 10/11th! It'll be the start of their fifth Ranked Match season! Although, the big news is obviously the new VVIP, even if it's just another M4A1. But yeah, here's the link for their official preview posts if you want to check them out:

  • Click the expand button to reveal the key information and perks of this new VVIP weapon:
  • Price: 88,800 CFP.
  • Magazine: 35/105.
  • Clip: 20/60 (Glock).
  • Backup Pistol.
  • Magazine Throw.
  • More Rifle Ammo.
  • Special Melee Attack.
  • Bonus: 200% EXP/GPs.
  • Bonus: 30% XP, 20% GP.
  • Backup Pistol: Press the 1 key to switch between the M4A1 and Glock-18; they use separate clips.
  • Magazine Throw: Press the reload key to throw the magazine, which acts as an attack. Any Modes.
  • Glock's Bonus: The Glock gives 5% EXP bonus for the owner, with 2% XP/GP bonus for everyone.
  • Season 5 will not include Free For All. Also, these maps will be available for other modes:
  • Miscellaneous information regarding Mileage Shop and modifications for Big Head Mode: