It's pretty late to take about this, lol. Months ago, Tencent changed the model of FOX Undercover (GR), Ghost X (BL) and Devil Hunter Merc (GR) on the 3rd and 1st view based on Chinese players' complaint.

  • FOX Undercover (GR) on the 3rd view got darker color than the original (for unknown reason).
  • Ghost X (BL) on the 3rd view got lighter color the the original (for being said it is hard to determine from BL and GR in matches).
  • Devil Hunter (GR) on the 3rd view got more dark details like her legs or her shirt, and the color is changed to blue instead of green. Similar to the 1st view about the color change, its design is the same.. (reason like Ghost X).

I remembered that simply because CFPH is about to update Devil Hunter Merc and use her new model. I don't do the rez. stuff I don't edit, lol.. I just said so for someone to look at the files and edit the wikis..