Vepr is an assault rifle available in CrossFire.


Despite modelled after AK-74, Vepr gives more damage almost as equal as AK-47 does instead. However, this rifle is slightly unreliable against long range target. It has a fair rate of fire but its recoil tends to be unstable while strafing. The reloading time is pretty fast which compensates the gun's drawbacks in the fight.

It also comes with a Red Dot Sight Scope and a standard 30-round magazine.


  • High damage dealing.
  • Quick drawing time.
  • Very fast reloading time.


  • Low accuracy.
  • Intermediate recoil.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF North America
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Europe
  • CF Korea


  • Vepr is never put into mass production since the development of this gun is being jeopardized due to the Ukrainian Government's focusing in importing western-made firearms.
    • However, Vepr is proclaimed as a revolutionary upgrade of AK-74 in the history of firearms.
  • Vepr's name in the weapon description in CF Indonesia is mistakenly written as "Viper" instead.
  • When viewed in 1st Person, the character grabs the Vepr a bit tilted to the right, which is an awkward way to aim a gun in real life.
  • In CF Philippines, Vepr, along with Raging Bull and Hellfire 2 Lotto, is a limited edition weapon. This can be explained as a lotto discount price.
    • After a patch update in CFPH, this gun was removed from Mega Lotto, making this gun the 3rd rarest assault rifle right after Tantal WZ-88 and M14 EBR.


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