There are many different versions of CrossFire, each is operated by a different company, who offers customer service and organises events to their customers. The user and player accounts are limited to one specific version and therefore cannot be transferred to another version. The same consequently applies to items and any in-game currency.

The game content (maps, characters, items) are created by SmileGate and Neowiz, the developers of CrossFire. The operating companies buy a license for Crossfire and receive or buy the game content from the developers and can select which content and which items they want to offer to their customers and when to unlock it. It is possible for local publishers to request exclusive changes or game content, as long as they can reach an agreement with the developers and pay the license properly.

Any private server which has opened with the CrossFire name is illegal because the license has not been bought from Neowiz.

List of CrossFire versions

Geographic Area Operating Company Language Website Cash Currency

North America / United Kingdom

Smilegate West (Z8Games) English (US) Website ZP
Europe Smilegate West (GameRage) English (US) Website RP
Russia Mail.RU Russian Website KRD
Philippines Gameclub English Website ECoin
Vietnam VTC Games Vietnamese Website Vcoin
China Tencent Games Chinese Website CF Points
South Korea Smilegate Korean Website
Indonesia Lytogame

Indonesian (majority), English

Website Koin (Coin)
Taiwan Me2 Digital Entertainment Co Chinese (Traditional) Website

South America (Brasil)

Smilegate West (Z8Games) Portuguese Website ZP

South East Asia

Gambooz English Website Booz

South America (Spain)

Smilegate West (Z8Games) Spanish Website ZP
Japan Playgra Japanese Website RioCoin


  • Only CF China has access to CS-S based maps (Desert Storm, Inferno...) and CF Korea/Japan has access to Elite Mode. These maps/mode are NOT available to sell to other CF version since it requires copyright licenses from Valve, and Neowiz is not allowed to forward the license to other CF versions.
  • CF Vietnam has the most exclusive and unique game content since VTC has to limit violences as much as they can to allow the game to be published here.
  • CF Japan and CF Russia are the most frequent servers to receive new, original weapons (not re-skin variant). In contrast, CF Vietnam receives the most re-skin merchandises right behind CF China (Who created them).
  • CF Russia is the only server not to feature any GP Capsule - they only have Cash Capsules.
  • CF Russia has the most Independence Weapons (Three), followed by CF Brazil / CF North America (Two) and then CF Europe (One).
  • CF Korea is the only server which the entire Item Shop uses GP currency. Their only cash merchandises are VVIPs and Capsule (Cash one).
  • CF Europe is now being hosted by Smilegate West as of May 14th 2016, but still doing business as GameRage.