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Village is one of the two first exclusive Hero Mode X map sets within a ghost town with various accessable rooftops.


  • Village (Most versions).
  • Dark Village (Philippines, Europe, Japan).
  • Arigon Village (Vietnam).
  • Silent Village (China).
  • Rooftops (North America).
  • Dead City (Russia).


Once lived by villagers but it turned out to be a dark and mysterious place after the Xeno had visited and mutated the people that lived there. 


These are the various place soldiers may hold in this map:

  • Bistro: A hard to access rooftop for soldiers as it requires special types of jumps to access it. Once on top, soldiers can easily defend the area, if anything, there's a tiny ledge at the back for a better defense area.
  • Coffee Shop: Another rooftop right next to the spawn area, with only a staircase to access it. The spot can be easily defended with a lot of firepower on board. In emergency situation, jumping down is the best option.
  • Flower Shop: A thin ledge with only one way from Mutants to charge, however it is still possible to get infected from the back. It is best to stay and defend in the middle as much as possible for best results.
  • Clock Tower: Accessable via a ladder, this L-Shaped platform is a decent spot, however, soldiers can still be infected from various stack of crates or the back alley. Best to stay away from any of the edges.
  • Back Alley: The elevated platform behind the coffee shop can be a decent spot, only if the Clock Tower is occupied by friendly soldiers or else mutants will use it to access the platform and infect anyone present.
  • Spawn: The main soldiers spawn can be used as a fighting arena for Commandos or simply a mediocre spot to defend for soldiers. Due to the various way to access the spawn, it is not a good place to defend at all.
  • Screen/Bill board:  It is another hiding spot at the top of the coffee shop. It is an easy access place simply by just walking through its side. Most "newbie/rookie players and mutants when mutated, will tend to forget to mutate soldiers at that place because they thought It is a hard access place.


  • While Village was unnamed in most versions, CF Vietnam calls it Arigon Village. Whether it's the official name or not is up to debate.
  • When first released in the Vietnamese version, there was an instant death zone right at the spawn, making it impossible for anyone to play on this map without getting killed. This has been fixed in subsequent patches.
  • There's a spot on the wall of the Flower Shop which allow bullets to go through, thus allowing soldiers to shoot any mutants in one of the spawn area as they can clearly see their tag names if spotted. Until this bug is fixed, attempts to abuse it to get free kills may be treated as cheating and anyone caught exploiting it may get banned.


CrossFire VN - Rooftop - HMX gameplay

CrossFire VN - Rooftop - HMX gameplay