WCA Promotion

WCA promotion

WCA (World Cyber Arena) is a new eSport Annual Tournament that takes over the WCG starting from 2014. This Tournament is now hosted by China instead of Korea.

Beside CrossFire, there will be other games such as DoTA2, World of Tanks, WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne and Hearthstone.


Likely WCA will follow WCG's rule with double elimination on Group Game and Best Of Three on Semi Final/Final games.

WCA Weapon set

Unlike WCG however, there is no official WCA weapon set, so players will have to rely on either WCG or CFS weapons to get used to "un-nerfed" weapons before competing. But allowed weapons are still the same with WCG/CFS tournament:

  • AK47, M4A1, AWM, MP5, P90, M60, XM1014, Desert Eagle, Colt 1911, Knife, BC-Axe, Grenade, Flashbang, Smoke bomb

WCA maps

WCA will likely features five classic maps that have been used in WEM , WCG and CFS . These includes: Ankara, Black Widow, Port, Sub Base and Mexico.

Public matches

Under ideal conditions, most matches would be streamed via for everyone around the world to watch.

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