War Fan is a kind of melee weapon featured in CrossFire.


War Fan is basically a black Japanese hand fan armed with 12 small blades on the tip of the fan for close combat. It also has 2 dragon designs and a Kanji writing plus a Yin and Yang symbol in the center of the fan. Statics wise, this weapon is quite close to Jungle Knife with similar animation, but it no longer features 2-hit secondary attack. War Fan also features a special drawing animation in which player characters fold down the fan before closing it and smack it into their hand like Spanner, and secondary attack has player characters swipe the fan side-way, unfolding it and hit opponents with the blades.


  • CF Brazil
  • CF Philippines
  • CF China
  • CF Russia
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Europe


  • Just like M4A1-Guitar, this melee is obtainable for the pre-order of Desert Eagle-El Dorado in CF Brazil for 30 days.
  • Although War Fan is used in its closed form, the killmark shows its open form instead. This likely represents secondary attack which is most often used in weapons like War Fan.
    • The world model of this weapon also have 2 models, which are its closed form and open form.
  • This weapon re-used some animation and features of other melee weapons.
    • Its draw animation is similar to Spanner and Iron Hammer. Its idle animation is similar to Kukri, Keris and Wooden Hammer. Its running animation is similar to BC-Axe Beast and Jungle Knife. While its primary attack animation is similar to Iron Hammer.
    • The slashing sound effect is re-used from Shadow Knives
  • In CF Philippines, this melee is a limited edition weapon along with Thunderbolt Hammer costing 5 EC for 3 hours, which is very cheap. Although it's not permanent, renewing it even when the item is gone is still possible.
  • For buying a set of 30 or 50 6th Anniversary Hyper capsules, you can get this weapon for free permanently in CF Europe.
  • In Crossfire VN, this weapon can be obtain permanently for free after buying M66-Legend Dragon from Mileage Shop from 1/11/2017 to 30/11/2017, alongside with Dragon Blade-Silver after buying Xuan Yuan Sword.
  • In real life, War Fan didn't have any blade, because the fan itself was dangered enough to kill a person.
    • People named this weapon "Black Dragon Metal Frame Kung Fu Fighting Fan".



War Fan CROSSFIRE China 202:24

War Fan CROSSFIRE China 2.0 EXP

Cross Fire Brazil War Fan (Leque de Ferro) !02:20

Cross Fire Brazil War Fan (Leque de Ferro) !

CrossFire Vietnam War Fan (Thiết Phiến)05:18

CrossFire Vietnam War Fan (Thiết Phiến)

CrossFire VN - War Fan06:51

CrossFire VN - War Fan

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