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Weapon Master is another FFA add-on in CrossFire. It once again restricts weapons usage for all players, but instead of a class, players will use a set weapon and score kill to level up and change weapons accordingly.


  • CF China.
  • No other versions yet.


Up to 16 players can join a Weapon Master room. Everyone will start at level 1 and be armed with a M4A1 - from here, it's up to each player to score kill and climb up in level. Each time a new level is reached, player will gain access to a new weapon and once a milestone is reached, player will change weapon class, from Rifles to SMG, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, Melee / Grenade, and ending with the Special Melee Weapon. The match end once a player beats level 12, or when the timer runs out.

Level & Weapon Classes

Level Kills Weapons Level Kills Weapons
1 3 M4A1 7 3 687 EELL Diamond Pigeon
2 3 AK47 8 3 COP 357 Derringer
3 3 M14 EBR 9 3 Mauser M1896
4 3 Uzi 10 2 Kukri
5 2 Barrett M82A1 11 2 Frag Grenade
6 2 Savage 110BA 12 3 Banana Knife / Fist / Crazy Head



  • This mode features a mandatory tutorial at the start of the match with a 5 seconds countdown, likely to inform players about the new mechanics. The Tutorial will not play if a player joined the match mid-way.
  • Despite the mode giving players weapons directly, ammo boost from VVIP weapons still applies, thus VVIP players can benefit from having more ammo per magazine by equipping correct VVIP weapons before playing.
    • However, Tencent fixes this bug when this mode was updated in official server, to make it more balanced than before. Thus Bulletproof Helmet and Vest is the only balance influence factor.
  • The Grenade class actually allow players to score additional kills for level 12 if they managed to multi-kill opponents before switching to special melee attack. This means an expert players can easily end the game with proper grenade throwing if he waits for enough people to crowd in, or just quickly throw lots of nades toward other places that might have opponents lurking around.



Cross Fire China -- Weapon Master Mode -GamePlay-!10:06

Cross Fire China -- Weapon Master Mode -GamePlay-!

CossFire China 205:58

CossFire China 2.0 - Game Play New Weapon Master Mode - By Thành Công

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