Weapon Upgrade System is a new system in CrossFire. It allows players to upgrade certain weapons to newer form and buff up its usefulness, be it increasing ammo mag, spare ammo or draw/reload speed.


  • CF China
  • More to come


Players can visit WU shop via a menu in the Item Shop - here, they can check out all upgradeable weapons as well as their levels, and related perks that come with it. Upgrading a weapon requires Material Boxes, which can be bought from Mileage Shop.

Each time a weapon is upgraded, it will gain additional perks such as increased ammo per magazine, more spare ammo, faster draw / reload speed... In addition, the weapon will change its appearance based on the level it reaches - there are a total of 3 forms, spanning across 10 upgrade levels. Unlike with Wave Mode's class cards, upgrading is 100% success as long as players have enough Material Boxes.

Upgradeable Weapons


CrossFire China 205:43

CrossFire China 2.0 Upgrade Weapons System AK-47 Knife-Royal Guard

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