Wide Grenade is a special variant of the standard Grenade.


The damage of the Wide Grenade is slightly higher than the normal grenade and has a much larger radius than the original. It also creates a small smoke screen after denotation that lasts for about 1 second, though it lasts for a very short duration, it sometimes can save your life as it can cover your movements for just a bit.

It can be obtained for 7 or 30 days in most versions by getting Assassin badges.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Japan
  • CF North America
  • CF Europe (delayed)
  • CF Indonesia


  • Although Wide Grenade acts as a frag grenade, its design looks similar to M84 Stun Grenade in real life which acts as a Flashbang instead.
  • This grenade actually has two variants in CF Vietnam, the one in the Item Shop is called "Lựu đạn cuồng nộ" (Rage Grenade) and the one in the map Jungle Temple is correctly called "Wide Grenade".
  • Although it's called Wide Grenade, in some CF versions, its Bag Icon called it as Grenade-S, the name of the deleted Grenade in CF Korea (PMang).
  • In CF Brazil, this grenade isn't available. But it's variant, Wide Grenade Ares, is available.
  • In Crossfire Europe, Wide Grenade was removed on the patch that took place 8.13.2015 from the item shop due the negative feedback of players claiming it was unfair and over-powered. This is because it dealt 100 damage (82 with BP) to the enemy throughout its radius consistently. In other words, if the grenade hit you at any distance, as long as you're in the radius, you'd get killed. Nearly 1 month after its release, it was removed from the Item Shop. However, players that bought the grenade can kept it - until the grenade expires from their inventory.



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