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Rifle Winchester



Winchester Repeating Arms Company


United States

Obtained by
  • Capsule Shop
  • Item Shop
Magazine Size
  • 8/24
  • 12/36
Fire Mode

Lever Action


.44-40 Winchester


Winchester is a Wild West lever action rifle featured in Crossfire.


Winchester 1873 is a lever-action rifle categorized as an Assault Rifle in-game. The Winchester models in CF behave very similarly to shotguns, as at close range they will cause 1 shot kills, and at medium range 2-3 shot kills. At very long ranges, they will often only cause paper-cuts in terms of damage though, making the Winchester-S's low power scope nearly obsolete.

Lever-action rifles use internal magazines like most shotguns, so each round must be loaded one-by-one. This makes reloads very slow, though reload canceling can be performed. (it does not help that the reload animation for the Winchesters are slower than shotguns in-game)

Due to the slow fire rate, slow reload, very limited range, and inconsistencies in terms of damage output, the Winchester rifles are considered joke weapons and are very rarely seen in use. One of their few advantages are their quick draw time.


  • Although considered as a joke, Winchester can be useful for expert players who play in Zombie Mode and Hero Mode (Not include Hero Mode-X/Mode Zombie Terminator) because it gives devastating drawbacks on zombies once hit with only a single shot.
  • The Winchester-S was incorrectly classified as an SMG in the NA version of CrossFire for a time. This has since been rectified and is now considered an Assault Rifle.
  • The Scope of Winchester-S, actually is an PSG-1 scope.
  • While most lever action rifles use pistol cartridges, they should still be able to inflict great damage at far ranges in real life, unlike the Winchester's minuscule long range damage in-game.
  • The Winchester 1873 is often referred to as "The Gun That Won The West", alongside with the Colt SAA.


Rifle Winchester-S Rifle Winchester-G Rifle Winchester-SGold
Scope Gold Scope Gold


CrossFire - Winchester - Weapon Gameplay09:08

CrossFire - Winchester - Weapon Gameplay

Winchester gameplay

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