Wood Hammer is the default melee weapon available exclusively in CF Vietnam, replacing the Knife


Wood Hammer takes the form of a large, bulky mallet which is considered a complete joke among most CFVN players. Unlike the Knife, the Wood Hammer is large, takes long time to switch, and it attacks much slower than the knife (Player character swings it around like the Keris) but damage dealing is still the same (Require 3-4 hits to take down an opponent). Secondary attack also takes the longest time to execute when the player character does a charged smash, much slower than the Knife.


The 2010 incident involved a kid who stabbed his grandfather to death to steal money to play CrossFire. When he was questioned by the police, he said :

" I thought he'd respawn a few seconds later..."

This incident has placed a huge pressure on Crossfire in Vietnam, especially its Melee Only mode and the default Knife that all players can access freely. In an attempt to cool down the media, VTC is forced to release a fix that permanently remove the Knife - in place of this is the Wood Hammer, which appears much less violent and deadly. Over time, the wound slowly heals and Melee Only eventually made its way back to CF Vietnam, but the Wood Hammer remains in place because anything that has to do with Knife will likely attract attention again.



  • This is the only Melee weapon that has its blade facing right on the Bag Icon / Item Icon. All other Melee weapons have their blades facing left similar to guns that have their barrels facing left. The Balloon Hammer also corrects this error as well.
  • The animation made for Wooden Hammer is taken from 3 different Melee Weapons:
    • The drawing animation was technically taken from Spanner.
    • The LMB attack animation was taken from Keris.
    • The RMB attack animation was taken from BC-Axe.
  • Sound files for Wood Hammer can be found inside CFPH's RF018.REZ. However, it can't be obtained through normal means.
  • CF Vietnam still updates other variants of the Knife, such as WCG, CFS, Black, Ultimate Gold and Hunting. This is because their initial promise was simply to not give this weapon to everyone freely so kids wouldn't stumble upon it by accident - CFS and WCG Knife are seasonal weapons and costs money to rent, while other variants are in Black Market and also costs money to spin, thus kids who play CF for fun wouldn't be able to get a Knife too easily.
  • Despite being a stock melee weapon, Wooden Hammer cannot be obtained via Field Shovel-Born Beast's special ability - the default Knife is obtained in place of it instead.
  • Strangely enough, this weapon is unavailable in the mobile version of CF in Vietnam, instead the classic Knife was used.