"The XM177 is an ehnace version of the CAR-15 and was made for special forces in the Vietnam War. This weapon uses 5.56mm NATO bullets which give it an aggressive attack functionality at the expense of high recoil."
- in-game description

XM177 is an assault rifle-styled sub-machine gun featured in CrossFire.


The XM177 Carbine has a similar appearance with the M4A1 rifle without a carrying handle, but is classified as a submachine gun in-game. Compared to the standard M4A1, the XM177 has greater stopping power, much lighter weight, faster firing rate, and greater recoil. It has a capacity of 30 rounds with 90 in reserve.


  • CF Korea
  • CF China
  • CF Japan
  • CF North America
  • CF Philippines


  • The XM177 should be classified as an assault rifle in-game, since it uses 5.56x45mm rifle bullets, possesses rifle stopping power, and is a full-sized carbine (it is nowhere near the size or rate-of-fire of a submachine gun).
  • XM177 carbine was part of the CAR-15 Commando's Military Weapon System and saw use in the Vietnam War, serving alongside the full length M16 rifles.
  • The XM177 shares animation with M4A1-S Ares.
  • The XM177 features a unique muzzle smoke, only noticeable in first person view.