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X-Trap is an anti-cheating program created and maintained by WiseLogic, used in almost all CrossFire versions to prevent players from using hacking tools.

Like anti-virus programs, X-Trap is launched along with CrossFire and continue manipulating memories while CF is running to detect suspicious processes that try to interact with crossfire.exe. If something goes wrong, X-Trap will close CrossFire and give out an error message, telling players the possible reasons and general suggestions to fix it. Accessing process viewers, like Task Manager, is also counted as suspicious activities (This is X-Trap's self-defense module to avoid being "killed").

Though not as effective as many people think, X-Trap is actually better at detecting and blocking hack tools, some that GameGuard can't detect which was the previous anti-cheat program for CrossFire. Naturally, hack tools are updated faster than X-Trap because hackers are everywhere, and they have more resources and have more time, while WiseLogic must work on updating their X-Trap for every publisher, so X-Trap often falls behind when coming to updates. However, X-Trap is still a necessary tool to help protecting CF against popular and public hacks, which many people may use for free.


  • To date, CF China, CF North America, CF Brazil and CF Japan does not use X-Trap. CF Japan utilizes Game Guard, CrossFire North America, CF Brazil and CF Español use XIGNCODE3 while CF China has its own anti-cheating program called Tencent Protect, which works similar to GameGuard, but acts much more effective, due to in-game file checking. This process requires powerful computers however, so players with decent PCs may have to wait a bit long before the game is loaded.
  • In January 2017, CF Brazil changed their anti-cheat from X-Trap to XignCode.
  • In March 2017, CF Español changed their anti-cheat from X-Trap to XignCode.
  • X-Trap can only be run on a computer's administrator account, so it is not possible to play CrossFire in Guest accounts or Standard users' accounts.
  • Recent patches in CF Vietnam has X-Trap blacklisted almost all of the auto-clicker programs. This is done to counter event farming, as lots of people have been using auto-clickers to hang in room during events that requires playing a certain amount of times to receive prizes.


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