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The Zodiac weapon series features black and brownish-white skin with sparkling effects, jewel engravings and golden constellations on them.

Main article: TRG-21 Aries

TRG-21 Aries is a variant of TRG-21 that featured in black & gold skin and put the Aries icon on its body.

M14EBR Taurus Doll
Main article: M14 EBR-Taurus

M14EBR Taurus is a variant of M14EBR that features black skin with gold patterns and Taurus constellation on it.

Main article: Invisible Assassin Sword-Gemini

I.A.Sword-Gemini is new melee feature in Zodiac Series with keeping the old design style.

Not available...

Not available..

ScarLight Virgo
Main article: SCAR Light-Virgo

SCAR Light-Virgo is a variant of the SCAR Light that features the Virgo constellation along with black & gold plating.

M1896 Libra
Main article: Mauser M1896-Libra

Mauser M1896-Libra is a variant of Mauser M1896 with black'n'gold skin and Libra constellation.

9A91 Scorpius
Main article: 9A-91 Scorpius

9A-91 Scorpius is a variant of 9A-91 featured in black&gold skin and shows a Scorpius constellation on it.

687EDP Sagittarius
Main article: 687 EELL Diamond Pigeon-Sagittarius

687 EELL Diamond Pigeon-Sagittarius is a new weapon of Zodiac series based on 687 EDP shotgun in CrossFire.

Not available..

Not available..

Not available..

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